Don't buy veneers online.

Found on Facebook the left was the one they wanted...


The macrame wall art advertised vs. what I actually received

My son designed a keyring. He seems happy with the reality.

Japanese candy kits for kids

Tbh I have expected worse but surprisingly it is very accurate

The actual cookie is less creepy. Either way they were delicious

Seen this whilst scrolling FB, feels bad man

Orange gloop.

Teachers expectation vs Reality

Last time I visited ”mAx Burgers” of Sweden 🙄

My step dad was happy we still had the wood with us.

My brother's disappointing Pop-Tart

Still a great game tho

I wanted to be an anime protagonist

thanks KFC, very cool

The bakery's online picture of a blueberry muffin and the one my son picked up at the bakery.

Nailed it, looks just like Spiderverse!

Do not taunt the bobcicle

I hate this -_-

McDonald’s employees have run out of fucks to give

Close enough I guess....

milky chocolate donut cake.

Crunch burger from KFC, i'm kindly disturbed.

Latest Joker Expectation vs Reality

This Espresso I made

Yup. On track so far

What does actual size mean anyway?

The tapestry I ordered vs what I got

Taco Bell's Triple Double Crunchwrap

To be fair I did ask for it without onions... BurgerIM delivery disappointment

The pizza pocket I apparently deserved and the pizza pocket I wanted

This was $5

Taycan: The new electric car from Porsche

At least it tastes good

Ordered char siu bao from my local Chinese takeaway...

When your pinterest goals don't align with your budget

My ice cream sandwich was less cookies, more cream

While really good and it looks great the giant divot in the bottom sucks.

From Malaysia

Face Mask Vs Reality

My wife’s lunch.